Aurora Lucero-White

As we work to gather support for H.R.3054 – 21st Century Federal Writers’ Project Act, we inevitably look back at the work of some of the 6,600 writers employed by the WPA Federal Writers’ Project. In this series we introduce a few that you may not have heard of, even though some of them were and continue to be very influential.

Introducing Aurora Lucero-White.

Aurora Lucero-White Lea: Author, Folklorist, Educator, Suffragist.  WPA New Mexico Writers' Project contributor and #37 on NOW's 100 Sisters in Suffrage, dur to her efforts to help pass the 19th Amendment.

Aurora Lucero-White, a proud Nuevomexicana Author, Folklorist, Educator and Suffragist is credited with preserving New Mexican traditional culture as a member of the WPA New Mexico Writers’ Project, in Los Hispanos and several other books.

Aurora Lucero-White Lea and other members of the WPA New Mexico Writers' Project, photo circa 1943

A peek inside the WPA New Mexico Writers’ Project, Aurora Lucero-White front & center pen in hand. She’s not on the FWP Wikipedia page Notable Participants list but if you’re Latinx, a woman or a history buff, etc. she’s worth knowing!

More information on Aurora Lucero-White (AKA Aurora Lucero-White Lea) and the WPA New Mexico Writers’ Project:

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By Hannah Abelbeck

Aurora Lucero- White

Aurora Lucero-White Lea
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