David Kipen (born August 14, 1963) is an arts journalist, editor, and broadcaster. The former literature director of the National Endowment for the Arts, he has worked in the areas of journalism, government, film, television, online, radio, and nonprofit arts entrepreneurship. A USC/Getty/Annenberg Arts Journalism Fellow for 2013, Kipen’s reporting, reviews and essays appear in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Ozy.com and elsewhere.  He resides in his native Southern California Read more…

21 FWP

Help support HR3054, the 21st-century Federal Writers Project. Contact your representatives and tell them that you support HR3054. There is still time to act! The bill was introduced to the House by Representative Ted Lieu, but has not yet come up for a vote. Full details are here.

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Opinion: A New Deal for Writers in America – New York Times

Writers suffered enormously during the pandemic. The Federal Writers’ Project offers a template on how to help them — and the country. By Scott Borchert Mr. Borchert is the author of a history of the Federal Writers’ Project. Nearly eight decades ago, the Federal Writers’ Project — the literary division of the New Deal’s vast…

It’s Time to Mobilize for Voting Rights:

John Nichols on the franchise, plus David Kipen on a new Federal Writers Project. Voting rights suffered a defeat in the Senate this week, but really it’s just the latest battle in a continuing struggle—and if anything, it clarifies the real problem: The filibuster must go, at least for voting rights legislation. John Nichols says…

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